rule no. 6

never be afraid to cry at a commercial. 

As we near the holiday season, good things are soon to come, warm pumpkin pie, rum and eggnog, sitting by the fire with loved ones, and of course it’s also time to see those dreaded emotional commercials. Perhaps its a coffee commercial, featuring the beloved son that’s been stationed in Afghanistan back at home and waking up the family with a freshly brewed pot of coffee and mom is just so happy she’s about to cry and this is the most wonderful time of the year and now your mascara is running down your face.

Something about a good unexpected cry in the middle of the day or night is seldom what you need. It is a good thing to cry, think about it if you were to sit through that Budweiser commercial with the runaway golden-retriever puppy who finds his way home with the help of the horses, with dry eyes, you have to be a serial killer.  Crying at these commercials means that you have empathy and emotion, something that is so important to have. Whether you watch network television, stream on demand or click through YouTube, you’re sitting through commercials. Just remember it’s OK to tear up. 

If you want a good cry…. 

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